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The Glasgow Basket Brigade is a female-led initiative who are fully inspired to bringing the magic of Christmas alive through connection, contribution and giving back to our community. 


The idea of a Basket Brigade originally began in the US nearly 40 years ago when Tony Robbins, aged just 17, fed two families on Thanksgiving Day. His idea was simple, yet powerful: “One small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds” and this is at the heart of our local mission. 


Inspired by the Yes Group and their “London Basket Brigade”, we knew we wanted to make a similar impact here in Glasgow, and so last Christmas the Glasgow Basket Brigade was born. 


Both our Glasgow Basket Brigade and the London Basket Brigade are both part of the Tony Robbins Foundation which has chapters worldwide. 


Find out more about the Tony Robbins Foundation Basket Brigade here


In our first year, we were blown away by the love, compassion and community spirit shown by our fabulous city! 


400 volunteers came together to make and deliver 500 christmas dinner food baskets to Glasgow families in need of a little bit more love. We raised enough money through the sponsorship of baskets to buy everything needed for a christmas dinner to feed individuals through to families of 6. 


Since 2019, it has been a challenging time for so many reasons and we know so many people need our support more than ever. 


That’s exactly why we wanted to give you a creative project you can enjoy with your friends and family with Christmas. This year, we’re aiming to make an even bigger impact with Glasgow Basket Brigade in our gift basket appeal. 


Join our #GlasgowHumanChainofKindness and our volunteer appeal to shop for, create and deliver a Christmas gift basket and help us bring a little bit more Christmas magic and love to those in need.
To bring the Glasgow Basket Brigade to life we rely 100% on donations and the kindness of others. We welcome all support.
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